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Beating Addiction

Beating Addiction

Do you find that you have a behaviour that you do too much of? Maybe it's drinking, or smoking / taking recreational drugs. Maybe you gamble and it started off as fun but now you find you can't stop, and it's messing up your life. Or maybe it's some other behaviour that is damaging, and you just can't stop. 

I wonder what purpose that behaviour has been serving? Maybe it allows you to switch off, or calms you down. Maybe it allows you to escape from other stuff that's difficult. 

If you try and change the behaviour, without getting rid of the purpose it serves, you will always go back to it. 

In this programme, we are going to look at the purpose your addiction serves, and through understanding it, reprogramme your brain to clear it out of the way. This will give you the freedom to make the choices you want to make. 

This is not a sticky plaster solution. This can be quite transformational. Take a deep breath and make today the day you decide to start changing. 

What to expect from this course

📚 Get rid of addictive behaviour as a tool to help cope with emotions. 

📚 Understand the Neuroscience behind why you do the behaviours you do. 

📚 Learn healthy strategies to cope with daily emotional challenges

📚 Clear some issues from childhood that affect your adult life

This product is for you if...

✅ ...have an addictive behaviour that you've been doing for a while, have tried to stop, but find it really difficult to break the habit. This might be having a few glasses of wine at the end of every day, smoking weed to relax, gambling etc. These are behaviours that you can live with, but are beginning to have a really detrimental effect on your life. 

✅ ...no one else knows about your addiction. You keep it secret ok most of the time, but it's getting quite difficult and you really need to change it. 

✅ ...you've tried to stop your addictive behaviour, and managed for a while, but always find yourself back doing it. 

✅ ...you are ready for permanent change and want some help to make your path there easier. 

This product is not for you if...

You are looking for a magic wand or a quick fix. This product will still require you to make the choice to change. You will have to engage your cognitive, thinking brain to choose to step away from the negative behaviours. All I can do is make it way easier by stopping your brain being disengaged as much. 

❌ If you experienced childhood trauma, then this course may not be not be enough break you free of the need to escape into addictive behaviour. It can change your relationship with whatever the substance, but it may not help with the need to cope based on painful memories and flashbacks.  In this situation I would advise that 1-1 therapy would be more effective

❌ Your addiction is as much physical as it is mental. These are substances where coming off them would lead to physical withdrawal that would require medical support. So, for example, if your alcohol consumption is constant throughout the day, as opposed to drinking at the end of the day. If you take drugs such as heroin or cocaine. where the physical impact of just stopping can be worse than the effect of the drug itself. 

How much time will I need?

At the start of each week (7 day block) you will get some videos and a task. It will take about 30-45 minutes to go through this content when it released. You can work through it at any point on the day of release. 

Throughout the week you will fill in a daily log. This will fit around your day-to-day life so won't take any extra time. 

In week 2 you will get an MP3 to listen to. This is around 9 minutes long and should be listened to at bedtime. 

4 Sections

What is an addiction?

In this module we are going to look at neuroscience. I want you to understand how it's the wiring in your brain that makes it so hard to choose to stop doing your behaviour. 

Observing your behaviour

In this module we are going to focus on awareness. What is your addictive behaviour and when do you do it? How do you feel before and during? 

Removing your triggers

Let's do some work on reprogramming your brain. We are going to get rid of the emotional response your addiction gives you 

What next?

Sometimes, when your addictive behaviour doesn't work any more, you can feel a bit lost. In this module I provide you with practical tools to use instead of doing the damaging behaviour

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