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Emergence Blitz

Emergence Blitz

The EMERGENCE programme is designed to help you build the foundations to permanently change your relationship with food and yourself.

This programme will deliver permanent change, tailored to you and your unique struggles. All through we will be working together to reprogramme your brain. You will lose the emotional connection with food, allowing you to make the right choices for you on what you do and don't eat, and how much. We will change the critical inner voice so you become more comfortable in your own skin. 

What People have said

100% of people who have taken the programme would recommend it to a friend

  • The most exciting change was not binging on food, it was a relief to stop eating. The guilt has stopped too because I'm not bringing anymore. Words can't describe my gratitude.
  • Awareness of my emotions and the function of food as a safety tool. How the subconscious works was fascinating too.
  • Not feeling emotional when i eat just seeing it as fuel
  • I've stopped turning to chocolate and crisps and my portion sizes have decreased dramatically
    I feel I know the real me the one that’s been hiding and my life has stopped revolving around food ! Also I’m enjoying eating food, my self image has a much more positive out look realistic too I feel equipped
  • I feel like you have flicked a switch inside my brain. I am saying no to food,eating smaller portions(sometimes) and I am down into the next stone bracket, which is significant as I haven't seen it for a while. My evening snacking is much less. Wow just wow.


What happens if I need more help with other stuff after? Sometimes there is more going on than your relationship with food and others. This may be true if you've had an eating disorder in the past, or issues arrising from an abusive childhood. In this case there will be one-to-one sessions available at the end of the programme at a significantly discounted rate. Change is always possible. 

If you have any questions just email dawn@thinkitchangeit.com

7 Sections

Emotions and food

What is your emotional connection to food. Don't  feel too guilty about any negative patterns you spot. We are going to change them!

Observing behaviour

Let's start to notice your link between emotions and food

Clearing the emotion

Have you ever felt that eating was out of your control? It’s like there is another part of you controlling what you do? Have you ever eaten something and felt really bad afterwards, beating yourself up for not showing more control? 

Observing the difference

What happens when food doesn't mean the same thing?

Sorting out body image

Have you ever walked into a room and worried what people think of you? 

Let me ask that a different way. 

Do you think you are that important that when you walk into a room, everyone is thinking about you?

You probably gave me totally different answers to what is, essentially, exactly the same question.

If I put 10 people in a room, every single one of them worries what the others are thinking. None of them can read minds, and all of them have a subconscious in charge 90% of the time. They are all screwed up!

So what would happen if you were invisible? What would happen if it didn’t matter what people thought? 

Observing the differences

When you really watch people, what changes?

Bringing it all together

Wow! Has it only been a week? It's time to stop and take stock of what has changed and start thinking about what happens next. 

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