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The circle of influence

A lot of adolescent kids are getting extra anxious right now. It's hard for this age group - they have their own independent personalities and friend groups, but everything else in life is controlled by parents/carers.

Then along comes a global pandemic - just about the scariest, most out of control thing that could happen, and worries take over. Increasingly they try and control the things they can. They worry about leaving the house and the wellbeing of people around them.

The trick is to be very clear on what you can and can't control.I've modified Coveys circle of influence to make it more appropriate to young people.


Lesson Activity

Print out the template to fill in your own specific circle of influence items

Use the following guidelines

Centre Circle - The Microscope Zone

With a microscope, you can zoom in to see the details. While everything else still exists, it is not in focus. Even when you are not looking through the microscope you are aware those details are there. These are things you should focus on in detail. They are totally in your control. Even if you are not focussed on them exclusively, they are still in your control. Zooming in allows you to ignore the other stuff. 

Middle Circle - The Balloon Zone

If you blow up a balloon, it will inflate while you are blowing into it. When you stop blowing, the air will escape and it will deflate. The middle circle is for those things you can affect by taking action. However, when you stop acting, things will not continue in the same way. 

Outer Circle - The River Zone

A river flows no matter what you as one individual does. If you stand in the middle it will flow around you. The Outer circle is for those things outside of your control. 

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Circle of influence

‘This worked wonders for my 13 year old, she has a fear of not being in control and worries about me dying, this put it all into perspective.’

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