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Even Though


There are few phrases that are as powerful for establishing mindset as the phrase “Even though...”

In these 2 words, so much is covered.

 ‘Even’ is an acceptance word. You are acknowledging and accepting how you felt. This is the first step to being able to move on from your current state. If you don't accept how you are feeling, then you get caught up in the 'should' loop. Where 'Even though...' is a power phrase, 'Should' is a word that shuts you down. 

‘Though’ represents something you did. Something you did despite how you felt.

By saying ‘Even Though...’ you can accept and acknowledge that something is hard, and also accept and acknowledge that you still took action.

✔️Why not try it today?

Narrate your day using the phrase :

“Even Though I felt X, I did Y”.


Even though I am exhausted, I still got out of bed

Even though I don't feel I can do it, I'm going to give it a try

Say it as many times as you can.

You might be surprised by how much better it makes you feel about yourself.


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