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Are you exhausted by the constant battle inside your head?

Hi, I'm Dawn and I'm a therapist (brain reprogrammer), author, mother and mentor. 

It is said the in the UK 1 in 4 people has a mental health problem. That means 3 in 4 don't. That is simply not true. We are all screwed up. Let's change the way we talk about mental health to acknowledge how normal it is to be screwed up. Maybe what we should be able to say is: "This is my screw up. It is / is not getting in the way of my life right now!

I work online so it doesn't matter where you are in the world. 

I work with kids as young as 8 and so far, my oldest client has been 88 years old. Over the last 7 years I've helped over 850 people worldwide.

**If you buy a product, or click on "Learn More" on any of the free resources, you will earn points for using this website. You can use those points to 'buy' the product without it costing you a penny. 

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FREE 7 day Willpower Booster

STARTING 8th March

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Learn why my approach is so effective by getting a taster for yourself

1-1 Therapy with Dawn

You could be where you want to be, with no more sessions needed, in only 6 weeks:

  • SESSION 1 : Usually within 48 hours of 1st contact
  • SESSION 2 : Happens 2 weeks later.
  • SESSION 3 : Check in 4 weeks after second session.

Email dawn@thinkitchangeit.com to go ahead and book. 

COVID resources

Hoping this is temporary! Resources for adults and kids to make getting through the pandemic easier

Emergence - Freedom from emotional eating

Fed up of the diet loop and always feeling unhappy with how you look? The Emergence programme frees you up from an emotional connection to food and builds up your self-esteem - all in 3 weeks! 

"I feel like you have flicked a switch inside my brain. I am saying no to food,eating smaller portions(sometimes). My evening snacking is much less. Wow just wow."

Parenting Anxious kids

This course is designed for kids aged 8 and upwards

7 day Willpower Booster

Do you need to give your willpower a boost? It doesn't matter whether you want to get fit, eat differently, complete a task you've been putting off, or just feel you need motivation to do anything, this 7 day willpower booster is for you. 

"Focussing on just one small goal has made sense to me and learning to celebrate achieving the wee goals to help ‘train that willpower muscle’. This makes sense and I am going to continue to do this training."

How to avoid screwing up your kids

This course is designed for children aged 7 and under

4 simple tools to make parenting easier and your kids more resilient.

"This is really great - to the point, easy to understand and implement, not too onerous or requiring too much subject knowledge. Plain common sense actions and really works (tried some with my kids already!)"

How to study so you remember stuff

A course that teaches you how to make use of the way the brain stores information to study effectively. Includes a bonus technique for how to cope with exam stress and study nerves. Use it yourself or to help your kids. 

Neurodiverse resources

A series of tools and approaches for those who have a brain that is wired in a slightly different way to the average brain. Covers tools for Dyslexia, autism and more. 

MP3 Downloads

MP3's to listen to that help to change your brain. Pay once and get access to all the different MP3's to help you manage pain, get past a cold quicker, combat hayfever and much more. 

Free Resources

This is where you can access all the free resources I produce. It might be a video or a download, or even a task. This area will be dynamic so check back here often to see what new resources are available. 


The Caveman Rules of Survival and We're All Screwed Up (and that's OK) are self-help books for adults. Diary of a Teenage Mind Reader / Time Traveller are fictional self-help books for kids and adults aged 8 and upwards. Listen to the first chapter of We're all screwed up (and that's OK)

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