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  Transform your therapy practice and empower your clients to heal. All online. 

Experience the impact of Dawn Walton's breakthrough "Rapid Trauma Reset" approach, backed by Neuroscience; including research into brain damage, dementia, and case studies from working with over 1400 clients globally in the last 10 years.

The Rapid Trauma Reset approach is a cutting-edge approach to working with the structure of the brain and the Neuroscience of how trauma is coded. This rapid technique takes no more than 10 minutes to reset the brain, releasing the traumatic block created from either systematic childhood trauma or adult traumatic events. View this blog post to learn more.

This hands-on workshop will provide you with practical tools and techniques to effectively work with clients who have experienced either childhood trauma (CPTSD) or trauma from events as an adult (PTSD).

👉 You will learn to:

  • Understand the Neuroscience behind common mental health issues.
  • Understand how memories are coded and how that translates into common client problems.
  • Learn and apply skills and approaches to rewire the brain for lasting change.
  • Learn and practice the unique Rapid Trauma Reset approach to drive change in clients presenting with a range of traumatic experiences.

👉 This workshop is your chance to:

  • Learn a unique and powerful technique for working with trauma
  • Join Dawn, a renowned trauma therapist, author and TEDx speaker, in a journey through understanding how your mind works. 

  • Network with fellow therapists / mental health workers and build a supportive community.

  • Elevate your skills, enabling you to help more clients.

💭 Follow-up included

Approximately 2 weeks after you have completed the training, Dawn will hold a 1 hour follow up on Zoom so that you can discuss any questions that have arisen as you have applied the Rapid Trauma Reset approach with your clients.

🌏 Reach more clients

Dawn Walton was an early pioneer of online therapy, supporting clients all over the world long before the Pandemic made online therapy popular. Over 11 years she has refined her online therapy approach, increasing the scope of issues she can help with. As part of this journey she developed a unique approach to working with trauma, that works as effectively online as in person. 

💣 Limited spaces available! 

This is a hands on course, so to make sure you get the opportunity to practice, there are limited spaces available.

👉 Early access exclusive content!

By registering your interest you will gain access to exclusive 'sneak preview' content 

🚙Where & When?

This is an online workshop. By registering your interest you will be first to learn of new dates. 

👩‍🎓 What are the qualification requirements to attend?

Ideally you will be an experienced therapist who is actively working with clients / supporting people with mental health issues. It does not matter if you have a particular therapeutic qualification, or even if you have an official qualification. 

This workshop is designed to make the Rapid Trauma Reset approach available to as many people as possible, allowing more clients to experience the benefit of significant change.

Please email Dawn@thinkitchangeit.com if you are not sure whether this workshop is for you.

💬 What others are saying

" Dawn facilitated in an open manner making the content accessible to non therapists. There is a 'guide to life' in understanding how the brain works and that we don't have to remain stuck."

"It was a brilliant experience both personally and in what I've absorbed and will work on. It's the best money I've spent."

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