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How to avoid screwing up your kids

While we are under parental care we are driven to learn behaviours  that give us the best chance of survival. It’s a very primitive drive  based on the caveman days where if our parents didn’t bond with us we  would die. 

These days it’s more complex of course. 

There is no right  or wrong answer to parenting. We all do our best. It's just that  sometimes we aren't aware of the consequences of what we do.
Through my role as a therapist I get to see the consequences.
In  this course what I have tried to do is give you some simple and  practical techniques to bring up your kids in a way that makes them  resilient enough to cope with whatever life throws at them
What I  hope is that through these techniques you can do as much as possible to  stop your kids ending up on a couch to seek help from someone like me  one day! 

You can work through it in your own time and try out the techniques as you go. It will benefit you as your parenting will be more fun, and your child as they will learn to manage their own stuff

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Brain switch off is a normal state

An important part of understanding what is gonig on with your child is understanding that it's not their fault. Their brain is being switched off on them. So is yours. 

I love you even if...

Understanding the role of love in survival and how to break the connection between moments and feeling loved.

Monsters are real

Just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it isn't real. We all have our own version of reality

What are you teaching me?

We learn by experience, not by what you choose to teach. This is why if you put hot food in front of a child and tell them not to touch it, the first thing they will most likely do is touch it. To affect their behaviour, we need to teach through experience too. 

Where is my child?

How a child behaves is different from who they are. They behave differently in different situations. It's easy to lose sight of this when the behaviour is overwhelming

What next?

Now you've completed the course, what should you do next?

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