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Parent Coaching Pack

The parent coaching pack is all about resourcing you, the parent/carer, and thereby resourcing your child.

I will be giving you tools and resources, explaining how to use them, and then following up with you to see how you get on. You will always understand what we are doing and why. And I will always be here to help. It is not about right and wrong - just finding what works best for you. 

What to expect

1. We do a block of 3 live sessions over 6-8 weeks. These are done online and they happen with you and anyone else that you would like to join in. We will cover the neuroscience behind your child's behaviours, combined with case studies and an understanding childhood brain development to tailor the approach to you and your unique situation. 

2. As part of those 3 sessions I will get your child on a call in the second session if we feel I need to clear some stuff out of the way. But the good news is it will be part of a session you and I are already doing, so you won't feel as much pressure to get them to join in and engage (I understand that it can be quite stressful trying to get a resistant child to talk to a professional like me!)

3. At the end of the 3 sessions you will get access to one of my online courses - we'll decide which one as we talk. The good thing about this is that multiple people can take it and you can take it multiple times. So even when we have finished talking, you still have access to resources. 

4. You will also get ongoing support from me via email during, and beyond the 3 sessions. 

The best thing about the Parent Coaching pack is if you have multiple kids and/or multiple people responsible for your child's care, then all can benefit with no additional cost. 

What to expect from the Parent Coaching Pack

📚 Learn why your child behaves the way they do

📚 Learn how to respond to behaviour issues, without becoming emotionally involved and without escalating the situation.

📚 Learn how to give your child tools to manage their own situation, helping to build resilience for their future.

📚 Learn how to help your child permanently change the way they respond to challenges in life

📚...and finally, gain the skills to restore harmony to your household and stop you having to constantly worry about the wellbeing of your child. 

This coaching pack is for you if...

✅ Your child is demonstrating behaviours that are limiting everyone's lives. This may be anxiety that is limiting their ability to go to school. It may be behabiour relating to eating such as Selective Eating Disorder or a fear of being sick. Or it may be separation anxiety meaning it's difficult for anyone to leave the house. 

✅ You are worried about your child's mental health 

✅ You have experienced your own childhood issues and are concerned about damaging your child as a result of carrying those issues across into your parenting approach. 

✅ You would like to learn about the science behind your child's behaviour and want to be hands on in helping them become more resilient. 

✅ You are involved with a number of agencies such as school, GP, CAMHS and want to feel informed enough to coordinate actions around the best interests of your child

This product can be used alongside counselling including services provided by CAMHS.

This coaching pack is not for you if...

You are looking for a magic wand or to be told what to do to fix things. This product will require you actively try techniques and approaches.  

You don't feel you have the capacity to take on the tools and techniques we discuss, or you don't have the support of other people responsible for your child's care. Whilst the parent coaching pack may make life a little easier for you, this will restrict the impact / benefit to your child. You would be better arranging for 1-1 therapy for your child, if they are old enough. Look for the links on this site if you would like my help with this. 

❌ You suspect or know there is a significant reason / event behind your child's behaviour. I would recommend  1-1 therapy in this situation. You can find out more about therapy with me by exploring this site. I can do sessions with children from 8 years old upwards. 

Selecting Buy Now will take you through to my booking system where you can select the best date and time for your first session, and where you can pay for the pack. 

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