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  • Dawn provided my son with many tools to help him cope with being bullied at school. Nothing was too much bother. I contacted her to say my son was struggling and immediately she set up a Skype call to help. Highly recommend

  • I was recommended a while ago to speak to a lady called Dawn. She is a cognitive hypnotherapist, based in Scotland. We’re based in London, so she does face time! My daughter couldn’t have  coped with a drive to somewhere different and sit with a stranger in a room at the time( without me or dad) so this was perfect. She had up to 3 panic attacks a day b4 , constant fear of dying.. so any little thing will set her off, car journey, dry eye, bruise, feeling in her throat, tummy ache, absolutely anything that would finish her off, u name it.. also separation anxiety and not wanting to go to school, but since the summer 3 sessions from dawn we can definitely see a big difference 🙌🏻 My daughter is not by any means cured, but I can say from the summer to now ( and as a parent you don’t notice the small things) after seeing my family at Christmas They are all AMAZED how far she has come.

  • Thank you so much for what you have done. You have made more progress in one session than we have made in years of seeing doctors, consultants and psychiatrists."

  • My 14 year old daughter had a session with Dawn a few months ago. The differences in her have been amazing! Her confidence has been boosted, her headaches have gone and she is back being thr delightful, funny girl she used to be before the shyness took over. Thank you!

  • My son aged 11, struggled with eating since he was a toddler, Having seen every specialist under the sun, we waited for him "to grow out of it" : then we contacted Dawn. After 1 session he ate noodles for the first time in his life, and within 2 weeks he has tried more new things than he has his whole life. He still has a long way to go, but we are amazed, delighted and so thankful for what Dawn has done for him, and us as a family. We are comforted to know she is there, for help and support should we need her advice in the future. I would not hesitate to recommend Dawn to anyone. My son has had a phobia of anything that might make an unexpected bang since he was a toddler. He's now almost 11 and it has had a massive impact on his life. He is terrified of going to secondary school because he has heard they create explosions in science, and he won't have lunch with other children in case they pop their crisp packets. We can't go anywhere where there may be balloons or pops (parties, fairs, restaurants, shows and this has even caused him to run away from me in central London when seeing a balloon seller). He worries before any new event in case there may be something that scares him, and if he's put in a situation where he can't avoid something, then he will have a full blown panic attack (shaking, sickness etc). We have tried CBT, hypnotherapy and a psychologist over the years. CBT had a partial effect but then he reverted back to type. In desperation, I trawled the Internet for help and found Dawn. After one session with her, Adam was able to stand and watch a carnival procession with lots of balloons and enjoy it. He and his friends have been popping balloons with pins and jumping on them in our garden, it's a miracle. He can't believe how much he's changed and he thinks Dawn is superwoman. He's still got a bit further to go as he hasn't quite managed a party with balloons there (he tried which is a massive improvement as he wouldn't even have contemplated it before). But with Dawn's help I really think he can do it, which I could not have hoped for before!

  • Dawn saw her twice only so far, maybe an hour in all. I noticed changes straight away. She was calming down and soon started to relax about catching up and her exams. In fact she appeared more relaxed with us too and definitely less abusive. I started to get hugs and cuddles, something that had not happened in at least 2 years, and she started to look generally happier. That was three months ago.These days, she has caught up all of her work. She has just been sitting her exams and studied for them. She is able to see positive things in her life, although this is still work in progress, and she shows appreciation for the things we do for her.

  • My 11 year old daughter has struggled with food issues for most of her life...After just one session with Dawn, that night we had sausages for supper, and she actually ate a whole sausage- something she would never have done before! Since then she has slowly started eating a wider variety of food and yesterday, we all went to Pizza Hut for lunch and she ordered and ate pizza!

  • My daughter is 13 and for the past 7months has thrown herself in teenage life full throttle, when I first contacted Dawn a few months ago I felt I had no where else to turn.  One of the changes I wanted to see happen was an improvement at school, this week I got a phone call saying things have really improved.  I didn’t notice changes immediately and when I did notice them they were small, but perhaps the biggest thing is to realise is change is possible.  Thank you Dawn

  • Having had my 10year old son suffer with anxiety for well over a year, I booked an appointment with Dawn having met her on a professional level. After 2 sessions and working hard on things at home, I now have a happy and more relaxed boy who, having struggled to attend social days with his friends, now willingly goes out to play without the need for any encouragement. He isn’t ‘cured’ and still has times where the techniques from Dawn come into play, but I would 100% recommend Dawn to anyone with an anxious child. She makes the sessions fun, at their level where there is understanding, and above all makes them feel that they can do anything they set their mind to

  • I was lost and scared, as a Mum you want to be able to help your child. Faced with a 13yr old who couldn't explain why he was so anxious about everything he would rather hurt himself or die than face his daily battles. I messaged Dawn, after hearing about her work with another child with anxiety. He was Someone who would have a chat with his brain, he didn't even have to join in much  just to listen to a friendly face on Skype. I got the whole caveman brain explanation it made sense. But for my young man to face a stranger, to risk looking at the things that ruled his life. That simple chat or grunt on his part was a huge deal. Doing it on Skype from his own home was a massive help and Dawn was perfectly pitched for a reluctant teenage boy. She was honest and clear about the chat. She relaxed him and even got a chuckle from him He found answers to her questions that he didn't know were in his head. He faced some underlying issues we had no idea were there. Little things that she nudges him to think about. He found it painless, more importantly he was happy to chat a couple more times and we listened to a calming podcast every night for a couple of weeks. The positive phrases stayed with him, some new positive thoughts were deep in his head. Still seems like magic to me, but slowly he moved on and he forgot about the phrases. But the positivity stayed, within his thoughts. He stopped self harming and although his anxiety is Still a part of his life, he is now living his life with it. He is still here, thanks to Dawn and her wonderful words of wisdom.
  • This morning was a lovely morning and it made me think how far my daughter has come and I wanted to share with you! She was relaxed and chatty with us this morning whereas in the past she'd often be stressed and angry and short with us. She's begun to form a true friendship with one of the group of friends she fell out with last year and is good friends with 2 others in the group... I feel equipped to support her in that and to find her the support she needs that's beyond what I can provide.

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