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Herding cats - dealing with adolescents / teens

Once a child hits adolescence things don't just become difficult for the child, but also the parents / carers. As the child finds their own identity, they often have to separate themselves out from you. This can involve a lot of frustration on both sides. 

The biggest challenge is due to brain development. Our brains are not fully developed unatil around the mid-20's. This means that we can't understand consequences such as "If x then y" or "this means that". We can only learn from experience. As an adult with a fully developed brain, you can see consequences in all their full technicolour. So when, for example, your child swears at you, you automatically predict what will happen if they swear at a teacher or someone else in authority. You see them getting in trouble and their school life being ruined. Your child won't understand any of that because they have no brain! You can't explain it, because they won't understand. 

It can be a scary time for the child and for you, with anger and frustration and fear being a normal part of every day life. 

You may have already sought and/or received professional help through school or another therapist. And yet, they are still struggling. You are still struggling. If this is you, then you are in the right place.

I’m not going to tell you that what you have done so far is wrong, or that what I am doing is right. I am going to give you a toolkit that you can apply to your situation to greatest effect.

All the lessons are easy to follow, even if you have no experience. You can even use them on yourself!

They are paced to run over 3 weeks, so you have enough time to try stuff out as you go along. 

When you complete a task, I will review it and give you personalised input so you can be confident you are staying on track. 

What to expect from this course

📚 Learn why your child behaves the way they do

📚 Learn how to respond to behaviour issues, without becoming emotionally involved and without escalating the situation.

📚 Learn how to give your child tools to manage their own situation, helping to build resilience for their future.

📚 Learn how to help your child permanently change the way they respond to challenges in life

📚...and finally, gain the skills to restore harmony to your household and stop you having to constantly worry about the wellbeing of your child. 

This product is for you if...

You should get this course if you have a child in the adolescent stage of life i.e. they are in high school or just about to go to high school and they are demonstrating worrying behaviour such as:

✅ Becoming isolated and not interacting with anything,

✅ Mood swings where they are mean and nasty to those around them

✅ You suspect self-harm behaviour,

✅ Refusing to communicate with you and when they do they are aggressive

✅ Being unable to go to school / social activities because of anxiety

✅ Talking about feeling hopeless and everything being pointless. 

✅ Constantly worrying what people think

This product can be used alongside counselling including services provided by CAHMS.

This product is not for you if...

You are looking for a magic wand or a quick fix. This product will still require you and your child to actively change and make choices. 

❌Your relationship with your child has degraded so much that you could not complete the tasks in the course together or are unable to execute on the ideas. 

❌ You suspect or know there is a significant reason / event behind your child's behaviour. I would recommend  1-1 therapy in this situation. You can find out more about therapy with me by exploring this site. I can do sessions with children from 8 years old upwards. 

How much time will I need?

Each module will have some videos and a task. It will take about 30-45 minutes to go through this content. You can work through it at any point. 

Change takes time, so you should always allow a few days in between modules to try stuff out, but this will fit in with your day to day life.

This course works at the pace that is right for you. 

And remember...

Because this course is online, once you have bought it, not only can you repeat the modules as many times as you want, but you can share it with other family members, and use it on multiple kids

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