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1-1 Therapy for kids

We could get your child to a place where they no longer need to see me in only 6 weeks. 

A child's brain is not fully developed until they are in their mid 20s! What does this mean? It means that they are not capable of understanding consequences unless they have experienced them personally. They are not able to make logical leaps, and predict outcomes. So if you tell them they need to study to pass their exams, they literally can not understand that. If they've already failed an exam because they didn't study, they might learn from it, but only if they cared! 

I like working with kids. I'm a bit of a kid myself, and I'm also a geek. I play on games consoles and find that often means I can connect with kids more easily than other adults. 

I work with the science of brain development to help your child navigate the things that are causing a problem. Where necessary, I will work with them to tweak some of the programming in their brain, making it easier for them to make the choices they want to make. My goal is to help your child with the resilient behaviour they will need to deal with all the problems they face in life, rather than create a dependency on needing therapy to help them cope. 

I do not need your child to be hugely engaged. Most kids are very happy to talk to me by the second session, even if they are very reluctant at the first. 

The first session lasts an hour at most. I help your child understand what is going on, and we do some brain reprogramming together to clear some of the blocks that are getting in the way. 

We learn by experience, so for the next 2 weeks your child will be tasked with noticing differences. They will not be given homework. They will not be expected to complete tasks for the therapy to be successful. You may notice more changes than they do! 

When this is the best option:

  • When your child is older and it's not appropriate for you to be involved
  • When your relationship with your child is not good enough for you to be able to help them
  • When your child wants help and will engage with me

When this is NOT the best option (the Parent Coaching Pack might be better):

  • When your child is younger and you will need to be heavily involved
  • When you are going to struggle to get your child to attend a session. 
  • When you have to work with multiple agencies (school, GP etc) and need a consistent approach to give your child the best chance 

A course of therapy costs £160. This is based on a 3 sessions for the price of 2 offer.

If you are ready to go ahead, just click "Book Sessions" to find a slot an get started now. I can usually offer you an appointment within 2 days of you getting in touch

If you want a chat to see if this is right for you, click here to book a FREE 30 minute consultation

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1-1 Sessions

It's a big decision, putting your trust in a stranger to help with something so critical - your child's wellbeing Hopefully I can give you enough information here to make that decision a little easier. 


It's a big decision, putting your trust in a stranger to help with something so critical - your head! 

So don't rely on what I tell you. Read some client testimonials.

About Me

Hi My name is Dawn Walton. I'm a mother, a geek, a therapist and author. I'm also a public speaker. 

I had an abusive childhood, experiencing most forms of abuse by the time I was 18. This doesn't make me a better therapist. Your experiences are unique to you. Overcoming those experiences, getting the right help, and finding myself here and now as a happy person with a thriving business is what makes me a good therapist. Why? Because I understand the art of the possible. When you come to me you don't think you can be helped, but you hope that you can. I know 100% that together we can get you where you want to be, even if I don't know how at the start. 

I take a glowing ember of hope, and teach you how to make it into a roaring fire that you can keep burning without me. 

All I need is for you to think "What if it's possible that Dawn can help me?", take the first step, and leave the rest to me

We're all screwed up - including me. But we function amazingly well despite this. Don't forget that. 

Try before you buy

This is a chance to understand how I can help you in so few sessions. It's also a chance to try it for yourself to see how easy it is to change the wiring in your brain

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