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Hi My name is Dawn Walton. I'm a mother, a geek, a therapist and author. I'm also a public speaker. 

I had an abusive childhood, experiencing most forms of abuse by the time I was 18. This doesn't make me a better therapist. Your experiences are unique to you. Overcoming those experiences, getting the right help, and finding myself here and now as a happy person with a thriving business is what makes me a good therapist. Why? Because I understand the art of the possible. When you come to me you don't think you can be helped, but you hope that you can. I know 100% that together we can get you where you want to be, even if I don't know how at the start. 

I take a glowing ember of hope, and teach you how to make it into a roaring fire that you can keep burning without me. 

All I need is for you to think "What if it's possible that Dawn can help me?", take the first step, and leave the rest to me

We're all screwed up - including me. But we function amazingly well despite this. Don't forget that. 

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