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The Rapid Trauma Reset

The Rapid Trauma Reset The Rapid Trauma Reset is a unique therapeutic approach to clearing trauma that I have developed by studying the Neuroscience of how the brain codes and uses memories. This has involved working with hundreds of clients over the last 10 years, as well as studying brain damage and dementia to look at the structure of the brain.  How the brain codes memories Our brains are primitive. They are working on a set of rules that come from the caveman days. The main rule is ...

Dealing with Overwhelm

Being overwhelmed is not just about how much you have to do. It's as much about the resources that you have in the bank to deal with those things that come your way. 

Lessons from a non-dog owner

Last night was the first night of my new venture with Dundee Dog Training (Jess Probst). They are educational walks for small groups of dog owners over a 6 week period. Jess handles the dog behaviour and owner training, and I support the owners with their anxieties and by providing someone safe and supportive to talk to during the walk. They can be a bit like a mental health walk sometimes.  Jess is to dogs what I am to people. She is a Master dog behaviourist, not just by a piece of paper (which she has), but in the way she understands where dog behaviour comes from. She is different from others in her field and great to be around and learn from. I’m very different from other therapists. I see the person and not the behaviour and often don’t follow the same approach as others.

My child is too anxious to go to school

Every week I hear from parents of high school aged kids (11 years old +) who are at the end of their tether. Their child has developed anxiety around going to school. In the most extreme cases, their child never makes it back to school. Don't take my word for it, this article in the Guardian from 2021 shows how much of an issue it has become  It's a problem that has reached almost pandemic levels. In the UK CAHMS are supposed to help. This is the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service ...

I love you even if...

My husband shared this with me. He was shocked. I was shocked. I couldn't believe any parents would say those things about their kids. Then I asked my child if they knew about it and what they thought. They told me that the kids give their phones to the parent to record a video, and then when they get the phone back THE CHILD ADDS THE CAPTIONS Once I found this out I felt so sad. So sad that any child would think their parent thinks those things about them. I tell my child "I love you even ...

Even Though

There are few phrases that are as powerful for establishing mindset as the phrase “Even though...”

The puddle and the lake

If you throw a stone into water, it makes a ripple.  The size of the ripple is the same, whether you throw the stone in a lake, or in a puddle. 


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