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Try it yourself

DO NOT do this if you don't want to be put off a certain type of food.

Do not even read it.

Seriously. Don't do it

Lesson Activity

1. I want you to think of a single item of food that you would like to stop eating. Make sure you pick something that you really don’t want to eat any more. Make sure it’s not something like onions or tomatoes i.e. something that is in many dishes. It’s best to choose something like a particular chocolate bar, or snack. Be very specific.

2. Next, I want you to think of a food you absolutely hate. Something where the smell, texture or taste almost makes you gag. If you have not got that, then think of a disgusting bodily fluid like sick, urine or…you know…use your imagination.

3. Now I want you to imagine taking a bite of the food you would like to stop eating. As you bring it closer to your mouth, imagine it is covered in whatever you thought up in step 2. As it gets closer to your mouth the smell and texture become clearer and stronger. Imagine opening your mouth and starting to get the disgusting taste of the horrible thing on your tongue.

4. As you move the item of food away, notice how the sensations diminish. Keep doing that until even just holding that food type invokes the disgusting reaction.

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This is a chance to understand how I can help you in so few sessions. It's also a chance to try it for yourself to see how easy it is to change the wiring in your brain

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