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I have always been a yo-yo dieter, but I know this is seriously unhealthy and I want a 'normal' relationship with food. In my first session with Dawn I felt at ease straight away and we soon got to the root of my problems and worked on changing my thoughts about food and my lifestyle. By the time we met for a follow up session I was no longer obsessed with food. I am eating smaller portions and I am much more active. All my clothes are looser and I am noticing positive changes all the time. Dawn is friendly and professional and has helped me greatly in a short space of time. Thank you, Dawn. face-to-face.

I had no idea what to expect in my very first session with Dawn - but her warm personality soon put me at total ease. My food issues have been totally turned around after only 2 sessions! After 32 years of overeating, I can now say with certainty that it is all in my past. I am facing a better, healthier and less food-obsessed future. I cannot thank Dawn enough. face-to-face

Dawn is amazing, she hits the issue on the head and then gives you the lightbulb moment you need to help overcome it. I signed up and I have not been disappointed with the result. Thank you x Online

Dawn has changed my life. From a simple chat about emotional eating, I've gone on to have a brilliant life coaching experience. I've stood up and spoken at conferences, signed a three book publishing deal, and taken ownership of my life. I'm growing every day and my life keeps getting better and better. She's also done some work with one of my children who has ADHD and it's helped him to find an outlet for his temper, calm himself, and focus. If I could give her six stars I would! online

I would recommend cognitive hypnotherapy to everyone, and Dawn is wonderful, so easy to talk to and work with. online

Dawn is an excellent therapist. Whatever your issue, she can help you resolve it. For sure. face-to-face

In July I had a session with Dawn where we worked on my fear of heights. I recently went on holiday in France & on the journey here we had to go over 3 massive bridges. When we've been there in the past it's involved careful planning with rescue remedy, relaxation tracks &making sure my husband was driving so that I could be a wreck in the passenger seat! What a difference a session with Dawn made: I drove over 1 bridge & just enjoyed the view from the top of the others. Thank you so much Dawn online.

I have 3 sessions with Dawn to address a lifetime of dieting with no permanent success and have probably lost 30 stone and gained 33 stone over the years!! At first at the end off each session was really energised but, was disappointed I was losing weight. Just the other week it totally dawned on me I was never eating except when Hungary and was subconsciously eating healthy. I stood on the scales for the 1st time last week and am 11lbs lighter. I actually cannot believe it!! Dawn has fixed 'my scrambled' head completely. I do have a couple of other problems but will see my friend as I am fully confident they will fix to. Thank you so much Dawn xx face-to-face.

I've suffered from a fear of flying for at least ten years and after one session I was able to get on both flights for my holiday and for the first time in years I didn't have a panic attack and I was able to relax so much on the way home that I actually fell asleep! Would deffinetly recommend dawn to help you overcome a fear :) face-to-face

After Just One session I cant believe the difference to my life..I am enjoying each moment of my life and the weekly workouts you receive are fab..workout for the mind...focused and motivated and ready to take on any challenge...Highly recommend Dawn..An amazing therapy and therapist.x Face-to-face.

I can highly recommend Dawn. I have only just started to work with her (or her with me) but I have already seen some fantastic improvements and I am really happy that she has begun to help me manage my anxiety successfully. Dawn is friendly and approachable and will listen carefully to what it is you need without judgement. If you are unsure about making the leap, I would say, don't hesitate, be brave and grab the bull by the horns; it's not as scary as you may have built it up to be. I can honestly say you won't regret it. Online

Thank you so much for what you have done. You have made more progress in one session than we have made in years of seeing doctors, consultants and psychiatrists. Parent of 10 year old boy who couldn't eat most types of food 

I was sceptical at 1st but I have had 4 sessions with Dawn for different things. each time I come Out exhausted and over the next few days my issue doesn't become an issue anymore, it's a strange feeling but a great one! Dawn is an amazing and kind lady, who has no judgement and is such a great coach on our private page. She works terribly hard for us and is there whenever we need her. I enjoy listening to the downloads they relax me, must be Dawn's tones. Finally she knows her stuff and I think Dawn is the embodiment of positive thinking and cognitive hypnotherapy as she uses it in her own life with success. Read her book, it'll give you an incredible insight into her amazing journey. I just wish I'd met her 4 years ago. face-to-face

My son has had a phobia of anything that might make an unexpected bang since he was a toddler. He's now almost 11 and it has had a massive impact on his life. He is terrified of going to secondary school because he has heard they create explosions in science, and he won't have lunch with other children in case they pop their crisp packets. We can't go anywhere where there may be balloons or pops (parties, fairs, restaurants, shows and this has even caused him to run away from me in central London when seeing a balloon seller). He worries before any new event in case there may be something that scares him, and if he's put in a situation where he can't avoid something, then he will have a full blown panic attack (shaking, sickness etc).

We have tried CBT, hypnotherapy and a psychologist over the years. CBT had a partial effect but then he reverted back to type. In desperation, I trawled the Internet for help and found Dawn. After one session with her, he was able to stand and watch a carnival procession with lots of balloons and enjoy it. He and his friends have been popping balloons with pins and jumping on them in our garden, it's a miracle. He can't believe how much he's changed and he thinks Dawn is superwoman. He's still got a bit further to go as he hasn't quite managed a party with balloons there (he tried which is a massive improvement as he wouldn't even have contemplated it before). But with Dawn's help I really think he can do it, which I could not have hoped for before! Online

My son aged 11, struggled with eating since he was a toddler, Having seen every specialist under the sun, we waited for him "to grow out of it" : then we contacted Dawn. After 1 session he ate noodles for the first time in his life, and within 2 weeks he has tried more new things than he has his whole life. He still has a long way to go, but we are amazed, delighted and so thankful for what Dawn has done for him, and us as a family. We are comforted to know she is there, for help and support should we need her advice in the future. face-to-faceHonestly cannot thank you enough for how you helped me conquer my fear &anxiety of needles! What an amazing lady with just a few simple techniques I learnt off you to help me through a planned caesearean with my second child after a very traumatic first &a huge phobia of needles. Now I've managed to even go to my oldest son's immunizations &actually be there to help him stay calm through it! From the bottom of my heart I'm truly very very greatful thank you dawn! Xx online

In under half an hour Dawn, you helped me to break free of drug addictions that had been affecting my life for over 30 years. And it didn`t hurt a bit.The hardest thing was getting the courage to contact you – the rest was surprisingly easy. Since my sessions with you I no longer drink to get drunk – in fact I haven`t been even close to drunk for some time now. When I think of using the substances I was addicted to I have no craving for them at all – nothing - couldn`t care less…don`t want them. The constant cycle of anxiety/depression I had lived with most of my life has gone. I`m much calmer I`m on top of my life I`m happy. And to be honest things keep getting better by the day. You helped my understand that my issues were in my head. With a simple visualisation you helped me change the unconscious decisions I was making that were causing my problems. After many years of various therapies, interventions and just shear willpower the struggle is now over. Thanks Dawn You have helped me change my life - for the better -forever. online

As a recovering drug addict, I have been searching for different routes to kick my recovery up to the next level. Having my interaction with Dawn has truly changed the face of addiction as I know. She dug up the route of the problem and has forever changed my perception of life and my approach. I feel as if I have been changed which is something I haven't been able to achieve in just step work alone. The shift is indescribable and I look forward to progressing in both my life and recovery. I truly believe this method of help has done what I've been trying to do for the past four years and I am excited to see where life takes me now. I also read her book Caveman Rules and am taking the suggestions in there to better my life. Dawn is amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone who is really looking to live a rich fulfilling life. Learning how to tackle fears and problems is something you can't put a price on. Thank you Dawn! Online

"I've had a fear of injections and especially giving blood for as long as I can remember, which has caused me problems down the years as I have been avoiding hospitals and check ups etc whenever possible. One Skype session with the very friendly Dawn helped me to see where the fear was coming from, process it, and come up with some strategies & tactics to use to enable me to take part in an important medical exam without skipping it or having a panic attack. 
As part of the medical exam I ended up giving blood and having 3 vaccinations, and it was far better than any time I can remember having to do either. I really feel like I've conquered this fear once and for all"  Online"

I am ever so grateful that I found you; and I/you/we accomplished so much in so few sessions, too! Such a far cry from the seemingly "forever" sessions with other therapists I have seen over the years, and not feeling I was getting anywhere. The sessions with you, coupled with the mp3s you sent me (I am okay, and cold remedy), triggered some survival mode within me -- other than the Caveman, of course. I truly believe that with your counselling sessions, I have been able to open my eyes and see what has been going on in my life. Without your help, I am sure I would probably still be stuck in the abuse-ridden cycle I have endured for years. Your freeing me from such a horrid past has enabled me to let go of so much and move ahead with my life." Online

"Had been on anti-depressants for most of my adult life until I met Dawn. After two sessions with Dawn I felt I didn't need them and, with my doctor's blessing, I reduced my dosage and came off them completely in a matter of weeks.Wish I had met Dawn earlier!" Face-to-face

"You changed my attitude to the way I handled my inner child. The pain I used to feel diminished. I also learnt that I don't have to forgive if I don't want to but ensure that I am not hurting myself in the process. I gave myself permission to cut out a person that was toxic to me. I feel great." Online

"Once a client, Dawn is there for you if and whenever you need her. I used to dread going as I find it incredibly hard letting myself feel the feelings. But Dawn has taught me not to catastrophize and believe it will pass. I enjoy our sessions, some great conversations and debates we have." Face-to-face 

Dawn Walton’s initial work with me many years ago was fundamental to my acceptance of trauma and how to proceed with recovery. I can live my life without beating myself up for doing so: who knew? Online

I went to see Dawn with long term sleep problems which had gone on for years and years and I was relying on sleeping tablets to be able to work... I thought that it was something that couldn’t be helped.. but now it feels like a miracle to me that I’m sleeping and the odd occasions I have a lighter sleep I have been given tools to sort this myself and understand the reason why it is happening .... I really can’t recommend Dawn enough. face-to-face

I just wanted to say thank you to Dawn Walton. You’ve been my coach now for over 5 years and it was such a blessing I came across your article on Wake Up World and watched your Ted talk and at that moment I knew I had to talk to you.You have helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life and helped me work through my thoughts and feelings and traumas and I have grown SO much.Our coaching sessions have been amazing and your advice has been monumental in helping me experience the shifts my soul needed. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being the “mom” I needed to talk to and not just tell me what I need to hear or judge me but even just at times lend an ear to listen or just be an outlet to vent.You’re amazing and you have a gift And I’m so glad you’re my coach Online (USA)

I have recently completed 2 sessions spaced over 2 weeks with Dawn, I don’t know what I expected going in but I couldn’t of even began to expect the changes within myself over the last 2 weeks. I have a third session to use in future which is part of her pay for 2, get the 3rd session free deal. We catch up again in a months time. 

Within days after the first session I started to notice changes within myself and my mindset, and for the first time in a long time I felt happy. I’ve been struggling quite badly over the last year with mental health issues mainly down to circumstance and forgot what it felt like to not be stressed all the time, I’d lost a lot of weight and was hardly sleeping. 

In such a short space of time so much little things have changed, and although it is early days, I know that with the tools she has given me I can continue on this journey to being able to cope with whatever life throws at me, and be truly content within myself & who I am. All the little things make up a much bigger picture. 
I highly recommend Dawn to anyone who feels stuck in a rut, stressed, struggling or just in general unhappy. Life can get on top of anyone at anytime and if I’d known this quality of help was available I’d of taken it a long time ago. 

If your considering booking, just take the leap and do it. It could be the best thing you do for yourself when you need it. Online

When I first came to see you I felt like my life has broken down again and that I was back in a place I vowed I’d never see again , I see so many triggers that brought back a lot of bad memories and I knew if I wasn’t going to down again. 
After working with you I can only describe the feeling as having the little boy inside me back again , I have so much love and happiness to give the world and I feel in a really good place , I’m working daily on some of the things you’ve shown and taught me but I truly can’t thank you enough , your direct approach to coaching was exactly what I needed and il never forget all the support you’ve given me. 
Thank you so much for all your help. Online

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It's a big decision, putting your trust in a stranger to help with something so critical - your head! 

So don't rely on what I tell you. Read some client testimonials.

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